Purees purees:
Fruit prepared directly without any concentration, keeping all the same pulp.
Apricot; plum; apple; peach; Pear; Strawberry and Carrot.

Purée Concentrates:
Purée with varying degrees of concentration as customer request: 20/22 Brix; 30/32 ° Brix.
Pear; apple; peach; Apricot; Strawberry.

Concentrated Clarified:
Concentrated to 70 ° Brix.
Apple, Pear, Peach, Orange.

Natural Juice NFC
No natural juice concentrate.
Orange, apple, pear.

Citrus cells:
Orange pulp.

The product can be delivered to the customer in Cisternas refrigedas and aseptic bag in metal drum of 200 kg.