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Cookies: At times we may use a technology called ‘ cookies ‘ in order to provide a series of contents and / or services in a personalized way . A cookie is a tiny element of data that a website can send to the user’s web browsing . In turn , this element can be stored on the hard drive of the user’s computer so that you can recognize when you return to our website. In any case, there is always the possibility that you specify in the preferences of their browser , they wish to be notified before accepting any cookie . The data stored in each cookie are: date and time of the last time you visited our web design, content that the user chose in their first visit to our site and safety elements involved in the control of access to restricted areas.
Cookies themselves : Recommended for the proper functioning of the website. If you want to disable or block , some elements of our website will be unavailable and some pages will not display correctly.
For example : To use the shopping cart you must accept these cookies.
Third party cookies :
We allow third parties to set cookies and access them on your own computer . The use of cookies by these companies is subject to their own privacy policies , not this Privacy Policy to ” COMPANY NAME ” .
These cookies are in :
Google Analytics : This tool Google traffic is analyzed visits to a particular website.
ShareThis or Addthis : Add any section or to share news of a particular website.
Microsoft Internet Explorer:
“Internet Options ” / “Privacy” / ” Settings. “
Once here move the cursor all the way up to block all cookies or down to accept them.
Netscape browser:
” Process ” – ” Settings” – “More” – “Cookies ( allow or block ) “
 “File ” – ” Settings” – “Private Sphere ” – “Accept or block cookies .”
Mozilla Firefox :
” Settings” – ” Privaciadad ” – ” Cookies” – “Accept or Deny ” .
 The small white sheet icon to the left of the address bar . Then we click on it and click in SHOW DATA SITE AND COOKIES.
Once inside we can accept or block cookies you want.