The demand for 100% natural products has a positive trend in recent years to meet this facet beginning to market fruits and vegetables organic farming, these fruits are transformed into fruit purees Biological highest quality.

Ecological Our products range include:

Fruit purees and concentrates and Biological plant

Biological puree or apricot cream
Biological puree or cream peach.
Biological cream puree or apple
Biological cream puree or plum.
Biological puree or strawberry cream.
Biological puree or cream pear,
Prune puree or cream (green, black) Biological.
Biological Tomato Concentrates.
Other possibilities: Bring your fresh fruits and vegetables and we transform them into the best purees.

Format: aseptic drum 200 kg. Approximately.

Storage: The product is stored at room temperature for 24 months.

Organic Olives and Oils.

Organic olive green and black olives. Format: Cans, cans of different sizes.
Organic Virgin Olive Oil Extra. Format: Bottle of Cristal.